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Christo is a director in the Insurance and Liability Law Department and specialises in insurance law and the law of delict.

Christo has litigated in cases dealing with, inter alia, motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, medical negligence, veld fires, structural fires, contamination of wine, engineering matters, damages caused by animals, and other forms of legal liability. He obtained the degrees B.Iuris and LL.B in 1983 and 1985 respectively and has 35 years’ experience in litigation.

Together with Judge Johann Daffue and Advocate Peter Corbett, he is the author of “The Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases”, Corbett and Honey, Volumes V, VI, VII and VIII . The authors of the first three volumes were the late Chief Justice MM Corbett and Advocate JL Buchanan. This publication has, since publication of the first volume in 1960, been a valuable and authoritative handbook used by judges and legal practitioners dealing with personal injury matters. He is the sole author of “The Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases: Quick Guide: Quantum Conversion Tables and Medical Diagrams”, published annually by Juta & Co. since 2011. He has also penned articles for various publications on a variety of topics.

Principal Services
  • Business and Commercial
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Training Seminars
  • Personal Injury

B.Iuris, LL.B

Attorney of the High Court, South Africa

Insurance Law Team

Back L-R: Andy Alexander (Candidate), Rosshin Rossouw(Associate), Gaenor Michel
(Candidate), Nadine van Eeden(Senior Associate), Demi Janse van Rensburg(Associate) Front L-R: Christo Potgieter(Director), John Smit(Director)

Cape Law Society

Lecturing and Speaking
Insurance Law

Honours & Awards
Published author
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Andy Alexander

  • LLB at the University of the Western Cape – 2020
  • Commenced Articles of Clerkship in June 2021


Andy holds an LLB from the University of the Western Cape. He is currently completing his articles of clerkship at BDP Attorneys under John Smit and Rosshin Rossouw.

Gaenor Michel

  • BA (language and culture) – Stellenbosch University – 2013;
  • BA Hons (philosophy) (cum laude) – Stellenbosch University – 2014;
  • LLB – Stellenbosch University – 2017;
  • MA (philosophy) (cum laude) Stellenbosch University – 2020;
  • Commenced articles of clerkship – November 2020.

Gaenor holds a BA, a BA Hons (cum laude), an LLB and an MA (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch. Her MA thesis focussed on wrongful life delictual actions and the ethical desirability thereof. She is currently completing her articles of clerkship at BDP Attorneys under Christo Potgieter and John Smit. Gaenor is also a registered PhD student at Stellenbosch University, working towards a PhD in the field of Bioethics.